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Receive the personalized legal representation you deserve at the Law offices of Tara J. Scott, P.A. With a focus on community, our mission is to provide the residents of Pinellas County with extensive and affordable legal services. If you are facing a crisis in your family, breathe easier knowing that Tara J. Scott is on your side.

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The Law Offices of Tara J. Scott, P.A. Is dedicated to helping clients receive justice. As your personal law firm, we take the time necessary to fully understand your situation, ensuring that all your legal needs are met. Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we are always available to assist you. For such a time as this, there is only one place to turn: the Law Offices of Tara J. Scott, P.A.

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Filing for divorce can be an exhausting, distressing experience, but it does not have  to be. The attorneys of the Law Offices of Tara J. Scott in St. Petersburg, Florida are dedicated to making the divorce procedures as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Child Custody & Support

Whether you are currently responsible for your child or want to be, you will find the help you need at the Law Offices of Tara J. Scott. Our attorneys carefully study your situation to present a strong argument to the Court to either change or bolster your custody (timesharing) claim.

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 A law firm designed specifically for people, the Law Offices of Tara J. Scott, P.A. Is always ready to assist the residents of St. Petersburg. We take your case to heart and work as a team for you!  We also offer pro bono work in certain situations, including free representation for local churches. Contact our law firm online or by phone at (727) 329-8741 to schedule your consultation today.